IMMY is a biotech company located in the heart of Norman, OK. Founded in 1979, we continue to manufacture, market, and distribute our own innovative lines of diagnostic tests and reagents. IMMY specifically focuses on mycology, or the study of fungi, which was a virtually forgotten area in the clinical laboratory at the time the company was established.

Since that time, IMMY has evolved from a company that filled a need in the market to an organization with a global focus on saving lives through affordable diagnostics. Our work and efforts are still devoted to manufacturing high-quality fungal diagnostics, but the scope and reach of the product line has broadened immensely.

Many of our recent endeavors have centered around improving diagnostics for the developing world. Areas such as sub-Saharan Africa lack the necessary infrastructure to provide patients with adequate healthcare. However, we help alleviate this problem by delivering diagnostics that can be performed without complex laboratory equipment or even the basic necessities, like electricity or running water.

We take pride in producing reliable, accurate diagnostics, that bridge the gap between a sick patient and the treatment they desperately need. Our team is small, but our goal is to make a monumental impact on the world. By manufacturing high quality, affordable diagnostic tests, we are setting the gold standard for fungal diagnostics worldwide.


Saving Lives One Diagnostic At A Time


To drastically reduce mortality caused by infectious diseases through increased use of affordable diagnostics.



Our company culture is a direct reflection of the motto "work hard, play hard"

Getting our job done is our number one priority, but having fun is a close second. Our new building was designed specifically to allow employees to mingle and "hang out" with each other in an open space. Forewarning: Watch out for stray Nerf bullets on Friday afternoons.