Our vision is to drastically reduce mortality caused by infectious diseases through increased use of affordable diagnostics.

Company history

IMMY is a US-based organization that was founded in 1979 with a particular focus in mycology, or the study of fungi.  At that time, mycology was virtually a forgotten area in the clinical laboratory, and there was a definite need for diagnostic products to detect fungal infections.

Over the last thirty-five years, IMMY has evolved from a company that filled a need in the market to an organization with a global focus on saving lives through their innovative products. A large amount of time is still devoted to manufacturing high-quality fungal diagnostics, but the scope and reach of the product line has broadened immensely.

Our most recent endeavors have centered on improving diagnostics for the developing world.  Areas like sub-Saharan Africa lack the necessary infrastructure to provide patients with adequate healthcare.

However, we can help alleviate this problem by delivering diagnostics that can be performed without high-technology laboratory equipment or even electricity in general.

Saving Lives

IMMY takes pride in producing reliable, accurate diagnostics, but above all we want to play a role in raising the standard of healthcare for patients all over the world.


Be a Part of Our Team

As we continue to grow and expand, we are always looking for the “Best of the Best” to join our team. Click on the Careers button to find out more about the IMMY culture, see current opportunities, and apply online.

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