sona Coccidioides Ab LFA

The sōna Coccidioides Antibody Lateral Flow Assay (LFA) is used for the qualitative detection of serum antibodies directed against TP and CF antigens from Coccidioides species as an aid in the diagnosis of coccidioidomycosis.

Key Advantages of the sōna Coccidioides Ab LFA:

  • Results in only 30 minutes
  • Fewer Send-outs
  • High negative Predictive Value
  • Reduce Hands-on Time
  • Run On All Shifts

Immunodiffusion Method Comparison

The sōna Coccidioides Ab LFA was compared to Coccidioides immunodiffusion (ID) performed at a reference laboratory to evaluate the percent agreement.   Note:  All specimens were sent to the reference laboratory because physicians suspected a Coccidioides infection.

Summary tables of the data collected are below:

 IgG & IgM PositiveIgG Positive OnlyIgM Positive OnlyIgG & IgM Negative
sōna Coccidioides Ab LFA Positive15102245
sōna Coccidioides Ab LFA Negative01157
 Point Estimate95% CI
Percent Agreement Positive98.6%95.0% - 99.8%
Percent Agreement Negative91.9%82.2% - 97.3%
Positive Likelihood Ratio12.235.27 - 28.34
Negative Likelihood Ratio0.020.00 - 0.06
Positive Predictive Value96.6%92.2% - 98.9%
Negative Predictive Value96.6%88.3% - 99.5%

Enzyme Immuno Assay (EIA) Method Comparison

The sōna Coccidioides Ab LFA was compared to a commercially-available Coccidioidomycosis Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) on samples submitted to a reference laboratory to evaluate the percent agreement.   Note: Indeterminates were removed from the data for point estimate calculations.

The results can be found in the tables below:

sōna Coccidioides Ab LFA Positive13907*
sōna Coccidioides Ab LFA Negative3**254
* Two samples were ID and/or CF positive
** One sample was IgM positive on ID; one sample was negative on CF and ID; one sample was weak CF positive and ID negative
 Point Estimate95% CI
Percent Agreement Positive97.9%93.9% - 99.5%
Percent Agreement Negative88.5%77.7% - 95.2%
Positive Predictive Value95.2%90.4% - 98.0%
Negative Predictive Value94.7%85.4% - 98.8%