The IMMY CrAg LFA (Cryptococcal Antigen Lateral Flow Assay) is an immunochromatographic dipstick assay for the qualitative and semiquanitative detection of cryptococcal antigen. This lateral flow assay is revolutionizing cryptococcal antigen testing, by delivering analytical sensitivity that is up to 200x more sensitive than other commercial assays. The CrAg LFA is empowering health care providers in all clinical settings with rapid, reliable, and robust diagnostic results.

Unlike other cryptococcal antigen diagnostics on the market, the CrAg LFA has excellent sensitivity across all four serotypes of Cryptococcus, including C. gattii.

Key Advantages of the CrAg LFA:

  • 10 minute test time | 1 minute tech time
  • No specimen pretreatment
    • No boiling (CSF)
    • No Pronase™/Protease™ (serum)
  • 2 year shelf life | Room temperature storage | Condensed packaging
  • Internal control line eliminates costly external control requirement
  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative results
  • As easy as a home pregnancy test
  • Only product FDA-cleared for both C. neoformans and C. gattii
Procedure: 5-easy steps with no specimen pretreatment

The 2 year shelf life and room temperature storage ensures no reagents are wasted. Also, the moderate complexity CLIA rating allows for cryptococcal antigen testing to be easily offered on all laboratory shifts, on a STAT basis, and as a Point-of-Care assay.

Semi-Quantitative (titer) Procedure

The IMMY CrAg LFA offers rapid and cost effective semi-quantitative (titration) results, which may be requested following a positive cryptococcal antigen screen. The semi-quantitative procedure is similar to the traditional latex agglutination method, in that initial set-up requires preparation of two-fold serial dilutions. However, rather than preparing dilutions on a ring slide, they are set-up in individual tubes. In order to minimize the cost of performing the titer, many labs utilize the IMMY titration algorithm, which can be viewed by watching the video below:

CrAg LFA Semi-Quantitative Method

Utilizing the IMMY CrAg LFA for the titration procedure will not only yield the most sensitive and accurate results for positive patients, but positive samples can be screened and titration performed in about 20 minutes, a process that takes upward of two hours with traditional latex agglutination testing.

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Ref #Number of TestsDescription
CR200350Cryptococcal Antigen Lateral Flow Assay

FDA | Serum & CSF

CE_mark | Serum, CSF, Plasma, Whole Blood

CrAg LFA Package Insert - US

CrAg LFA Package Insert - Int'l

CrAg® LFA Procedure

CrAg® LFA - Semi-Quantitative Procedure