Complement Fixation Reagents

IMMY has a great amount of experience in manufacturing reagents for complement fixation testing. These reagents can be used to detect antibodies for the following fungal organisms:

  • Aspergillus
  • Blastomyces
  • Coccidioides
  • Histoplasma
Ref #SizeDescription
A101505 mlAspergillus CF Antigen Dilute
A201101 mlAspergillus CF Positive Control
B101505 mlBlastomyces CF Antigen Dilute
B201101 mlBlastomyces CF Positive Control
C101505 mlCoccidioides CF Antigen Dilute
C201101 mlCoccidioides CF Positive Control
H101505 mlHistoplasma Mycelial CF Antigen Dilute
H201101 mlHistoplasma Mycelial CF Positive Control
H301505 mlHistoplasma Yeast CF Antigen Dilute
H401101 mlHistoplasma Yeast CF Positive Control

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