Over 30 million people are at risk of invasive aspergillosis each year because of corticosteroid use or other therapies, and over 300,000 patients develop it annually.

The disease is common in high risk patients with:

  • Hematological malignancies
  • Chemotherapy-induced neutropenia
  • Allogeneic HSCT (stem cell transplant)
  • Solid organ transplant (primarily lung)

Key Advantages of the Aspergillus GM LFA:

  • 30 Minute test time
  • Simplified procedure
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Serum & BAL specimens
  • Test more frequently/Eliminate batch testing

CE_mark | Serum & BAL


Percent Agreement to Commercially Available Antigen EIA:

Ref #Number of TestsDescription
AF200350Aspergillus Galactomannan LFA

CE_mark | Serum & BAL